What is an Automated Trading Software

History of trading has thought us that the biggest enemy a trader faces, is his own psychology and the lack of consistency.

There are many books about trading psychology and how to conquer ones emotions when trading, and yet there are traders who do struggle with it. When there are emotions, there is no consistency and that’s when the losses start taking big chunks of traders account. Then, as most of you know, it’s hard to recover.

This is where an automated trading system might help

Since the introduction of Forex to traders around the world, individuals and companies have been trying to come up with a software that would trade for them and they wouldn’t have to touch it. Just set it up, and start counting the profits. It seems our nature to make things easier for us, especially when it comes to making money.

Over the years there have been many trials and errors when it comes to automated trading software (AOS); some of them never worked and some worked for a bit. All of them promised huge profits, but made rich only those who sold them.

The problem was they had some kind of algorithm incorporated into them and these algorithms were top secret and it was impossible for the trader to change them. There was a strategy a that was it. If a trader got lucky, he bought an AOS that worked for a little bit, so at least he got his investment back.

In recent years even brokers started creating their own AOS and, not suprisingly, large trading funds as well. It is afterall a huge risk to rely on an individual to trade. All these developed softwares are tested extensively before they are being used on live accounts.

Luckily for traders, these softwares are available to individual traders. It is a great step from the old type of softwares since these new AOS determine how much to trade, what to trade, and when to trade, and it places the orders directly with the broker. These systems are what we called movement based trading softwares because they react what’s happening in the market that split second and don’t just blindly follow some set of rules that were thought of at a time they might have worked, but don’t work now.

Matras Platform is one of those softwares that react to what is happening in the market. It opens, closes, moves stops, etc. It can do it all without you even looking at the screen. Give it a shot and see for yourself what many traders have already