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Welcome to Credit Trading

At Credit Trading, we have always striven to bring the best trading solution to our clients, either corporations or individuals. This ambition has lead to the development of Matras Platform, which is a new generation of trading software. It allows traders to automate their strategies, thus rendering it a must software for everyone who struggles with trading psychology.

Credit Trading Ltd. is licensed by the National Bank of the Slovak Republic as a financial agent in the sector capital market inthe scope of § 2 paragraph section 1 and section 2 of Act 186/2009, which is valid in the Slovak Republic.

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What we offer

We make your trading better!


When optimizing trading strategies, we work with a team of mathematicians who work at prestigious universities and participate in research activities in the field of mathematics.


Matras Platform contains a module that simulates reality and testing strategies; it can receive external signals generated in other programs and make trades with them.

Our Solutions

The solutions that we offer to our clients are always individually adjusted according to specific client requirements. We offer full support to our clients for all tasks.


We provide our clients with a range of solutions for trading – from basic optimization through automation of a strategy to complete solutions of trading in the markets.


Our system has been developed because Forex is mathematically influenced by market and a substantial part of its moves is caused by mathematical formulas.


Educating yourself is an important step to becoming a successful Forex trader and you’ll find plenty of Forex information in videos form our partner.

Meet the team

We are ready for any challenge. Bring it on.

Lubomir Bukovy
CEO and founder
Lubos has started the FOREX battle about 10 years ago. Since then he has built one of the most powerful Forex software – Matras Platform and has invested into many interesting projects.
Alex Horvath
Business Operation Manager
Alex is our Business Operation Manager and the one who calls all the shots and thanks to whom this whole project has been lifted off the ground and it is making its mark in the Forex trading world.
Pavel is the one who is jointly responsible for our software and in case of any issues, he is the one to blame. We’ve come a long way thanks to his expertise and his approach to his duties.
Anything we create, Matej is the first to test it. He is an experienced trader with many years under his belt and you can rest assured we don’t put out anything unless he’s tested it.
Martina Buncakova
Project Manager
This company would not work like a well oiled machine if it hasn’t been for Martina. She has proven many times over what a great asset she is. She will sort out any issues you might have.
Miro Kalig
Webmaster, Marketing
Whatever there is to do on our websites or social media, Miro is the one we call upon. His vast experience in online marketing has helped us to get in the world of Forex.
Zuzana Zanova
Office Manager
If you ever contact our company, Zuzana is the first you will talk to. She is always willing to help and never loses a smile. Whatever question you might have, she has the answer.
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Do you want to be a part of our FOREX team? Have you finished graduate school with mathematics or informatics degree and know trading by heart? We want to hear from you.
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Are you already trading with MT4 or other platforms? Can you build your profitable strategies and would like to make extra money in our team? Join in.